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Love Bravely, Live Fiercely, Create Something Magical…

Hello, my name is Andrew Jones, otherwise known as ArtisticBrit on YouTube. Having just topped 1000 Subscribers and climbing, I thought I would put some time into a decent website, to go hand-in-hand with my videos, giving my growing community a chance to interact and give further insights into some of my projects. A place where we can go a little deeper into the conversations about the things I record. I sincerely send each and every one of you a massive thank you for tagging along for the ride. There is far too much bad news out there today. This channel will be to help bring focus on as much of the good out there are I can. Interviews to come of course.
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Interests and Passions

I do so much I know. Maybe I am a little too thinly spread, but for now, let’s continue this journey and see what develops. I am a high school teacher, a father, a boyfriend, a son, uncle and a good friend. Some of my interests are art, inventing, writing, graphic arts, photoshop, photography, 18650 battery development for electric powered vehicles, Build the gravity fed perpetual motion electricity generating machines, electronics, producing music, animals, the list truly does go on and on. I grew up with a mum and dad that did it all and didn’t back away from something simply because they had never tried it before. They were incredible role models and I love them dearly.

My Direction and Goals

I have created videos and have been a youtube partner for some years, but still feel a lack of direction, though lately feel a tug toward some very distinct avenues for my channel. The “One channel” on YouTube isn’t a great method for someone like myself, whose interests are possibly too varied for those that do not like the wide array of content in one place. Although I do split them up into Playlists, this is still annoying for those that subscribe when they see another invention video be produced instead of the vlog series they subscribed for. I feel your pain and can only hope YouTube fixes this some day soon.

I foresee shortly a new range of videos that have a higher production value, where I interview some of the more “Artisan” style local businesses in and around New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and even further afield, should I see or be notified of a worthy business that would love to be promoted in such a way. I think this will elevate my channel into a realm where I would feel much more comfortable and can still produce my other techy / invention and vlog type videos. 2015 for me is about setting some lofty goals.

Brief Background

I am originally from Bristol in the U.K. and moved to the USA in 1992. My whole family lives in the U.K. still. Mum and Dad live in Weston-Super-Mare having moved a year or two ago from Bristol. My two younger brothers live about 70 miles away in opposite directions. I have 2 children, Gavin and Emma. I am for the lack of a better word, blessed… If you want to know more about me, simply go to more about me page. (coming soon)

Video Goals of 2015

Alongside the Vlogs which need to improve, I have set some very ambitious project goals. Some of which are:

  • Interview Artisan Business / Historical Business for the east Coast of the USA
  • Build a “mostly” recycled 192Volt 4000Watt Aluminum Go-Cart or Car in my garage powered by over 320 x 18650 Li-ion Batteries, Top speed of 70MPH 0-60mph in 4 -5 seconds?
  • Build the Gravity Fed, Perpetual Motion Electricity Generating Machine
  • Many more Elio Concept Videos
  • More areas of interest, driving videos
  • More product reviews and unboxings of interest
  • Follow along with me as “I get BACK into shape!”
  • More focused How-tos

Ultimately, my wish is that my channel will become an awesome experience. Polished in its look and feel and the videos are next level material that make my sponsors proud to put my voice and face to their products.

“If You Can’t Dazzle Them With Brilliance,
Baffle Them With Bullshit!”
~ W.C. Fields

My Track List

Below is some of my very favorite “creating” music. Most is without words, as words seem to take my ability to create when I must concentrate or simply allow my imagination to go. I shall link these songs titles to song tracks soon for you.
  1. Sent Here for a Reason: Hans Zimmer
  2. Prime: Steve Jablonsky
  3. Perseus: ramin Djawadi
  4. The Moon and the Superhero: John Powell
  5. ManOfSteele: Hans Zimmer
  6. Nightfalls: Hecq
  7. The End: Hans Zimmer
  8. Crystallize: Lindsey Stirling
  9. Infinite White: Steve Jablonsky
  10. Evenstar: Howard Shore
  11. Goodbye: Ulrich Schnauss
  12. Another Day On the Terrace (Chill Mix): Sunlouger
  13. The Boathouse: John Murphy
  14. The Induction Process: James Newton Howard
  15. The Kings and Queens of Old: Harry Gregson-Williams
  16. The Day After Tomorrow: Harald Kloser
  17. Gabriel's Oboe: Ennio Morricone
  18. Battle Adagio: Brian Tyler
  19. Love On A Real Train (Risky Business): Tangerine Dream
  20. Painful Love - epilogue: Øystein Sevåg & Lakki Patey
  21. Here and Forever: Øystein Sevåg & Lakki Patey
  22. Train From Paris: Mindtrap
  23. Love Theme: Craig Armstrong & AR Rahman
  24. Bread And Wine: Peter Gabriel